Gas turbine flowmeter DN50 air flowmeter

 Inside nominal diameter DN (mm)MadeFlowspecificationStartupflow rate(m3/h)Range offlow(m3/h)Pressure rating(Mpa)Sell materialAccuracy 50(2\'\')KLWQD-501G40≤0.86.5~651.62.5Aluminum alloyAccuracy 1.0:Theallowable error is Qmin~0.2Qmax:±2%;0.2Qmax~Qmax;±1%KLWQD-502G65≤0.910~100KLWQD-503G100&

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Gas Fuel Turbine Flow Meter DN50 Air Flow Meter
Inside nominal diameter DN (mm)MadeFlow
flow rate
Range of
Sell materialAccuracy 
Aluminum alloyAccuracy 1.0:The
allowable error is
Aluminum alloy
100(4'')KLWQD-1001G160≤2.513~2501.6Aluminum alloy
150(6'')KLWQD-1501G400≤7.532~6501.6Aluminum alloy
200(6'')KLWQD-2001G650≤12.050~10001.6carbon steel Accuracy 1.5:The
 allowable error is
250(10'')KLWQD-2501G1000≤20.080~16001.6carbon steel 
300(12'')KLWQD-3001G1600≤22.0130~25001.6carbon steel 
Gas Fuel Turbine Flow Meter DN50 Air Flow Meter
This  gas turbine flowmeter can used for trade measuring or Industrial process control.Because of its low downline flow, it can measure very small flow.Therefore,this gas turbine flowmeter  applies to trade measurement.
     KLWQD series gas turbine flowmeter is a kind of velocity flowmeter used for accurately measuring the flow rate of gas medium,It has the advantages of high measuring precision, good repeatability, wide measuring range, light structure, simple installation, convenient maintenance, small pressure loss, long service life and convenient operation.In addition, considering the compressibility of the gas, volume volume, medium temperature and pressure change, the operating flow rate is directly converted into the standard flow rate to ensure the accuracy of measurement
    Widely used in gas measurement of petrochemical industry, aerospace, scientific research departments, chemical industry and other fields, can be used for gas measurement of natural gas, gas, propane, air, nitrogen and other gases.Used for trade measurement before users and process control before industrial production.
Gas Fuel Turbine Flow Meter DN50 Air Flow Meter
1.  high accuracy, generally up to ±1%, ± 0.5%, high precision up to ± 2%
2. good repeatability, repeatability up to 0.05%~0.2%, it is due to the good repeatability, such as regular calibration or online calibration can get very high accuracy, in trade settlement is the preferred flow meter.
3. Output pulse frequency signal, standard 4~20mA analog signal, RS485 digital signal suitable for total calculation and computer connection, no zero drift, strong anti-interference ability, high signal strength.
4. Wide range, medium and large caliber up to 1:20, small caliber 1:10
5. compact and lightweight structure, easy installation and maintenance, circulation capacity
Gas Fuel Turbine Flow Meter DN50 Air Flow Meter
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Gas Fuel Turbine Flow Meter DN50 Air Flow Meter
Gas Fuel Turbine Flow Meter DN50 Air Flow Meter



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