Cast iron matte enamel grill

OverviewQuick DetailsType:GrillsPlace of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)Brand Name:YLYModel Number:BBQ grill-001MGrill Type:Charcoal GrillsMetal Type:Cast IronFinishing:Cast iron matt enamel Feature:Easily AssembledSafety Device:Flame Safety DeviceCertification:CIQ ,LFGB, SGS,3C, AGA, CE, CSA, EMC, GS, ITS, BSCI, EN1860Pro

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Cast Iron Matte Enamel BBQ GrillCast Iron Matte Enamel BBQ GrillCast Iron Matte Enamel BBQ GrillCast Iron Matte Enamel BBQ GrillCast Iron Matte Enamel BBQ GrillCast Iron Matte Enamel BBQ GrillCast Iron Matte Enamel BBQ GrillCast Iron Matte Enamel BBQ GrillCast Iron Matte Enamel BBQ GrillCast Iron Matte Enamel BBQ GrillCast Iron Matte Enamel BBQ Grill
Quick Details
Place of Origin:
Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
BBQ grill-001M
Grill Type:
Charcoal Grills
Metal Type:
Cast Iron
Cast iron matt enamel 
Easily Assembled
Safety Device:
Flame Safety Device
Product name:
BBQ Grill
Cast iron
Size: 37.8*27.5cm
Weight: 2.0kg

We also make 2.2kg  2.5kg  3.14kg  OR according to client's request
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
20000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
each pcs in a brown inner box,whole set in brown box with color sticker or color box, then in a master carton
Lead Time :
sample 1 week, 4-6 weeks for bulk
 Cast Iron Grill For Bbq Cooking

Item:BBQ Grill 
Material:cast iron 
Surface finish:Non-stick, vegetable oil, Painting, Enameled, etc.
MOQ:100 PCS 
The exact price will be decided when I learn about your final demand
Supply Type :OEM service
  • Cast Iron Cooking Grills are designed to last longer and work better than your original barbecue grid.
  • When grill grids become worn out and rusty, they start affect cooking time and taste.
  • Replacing your original cooking grid with a Cast Iron Porcelain Coated grate will not only increase the taste, but it will last longer than your original grids too! 

  •  High Quality, quality raw materials and experiences
  •  More than 30 years Experience in bbq grill deep- processing Market
  •  Rigorous work, Professional trade team
  •  Best after- service 
  •  Customer first, to solve and help our clients, let's grow together!

Q1: Are you a factory or trading company? 
A: We have our own factory, using "self-produced self marketing" business model, reducing the cost of  intermediate links
Q2: How can I get some samples? 
A: We are honored to offer you samples. Sample is free, but you should pay freight.
Q3: How does your factory do regarding quality control? 
A:Quality is priority. JQ people always attach great importance to quality controlling from the very beginning to the very end.  
Warmly welcome to visit us! 
Q4: If I need different measurements or weight, could you offer OEM service?
A: Sure, we can provide OEM service, also we can make new mould for your product, attaching your name brand.

About Us 
Great tasting food will always bring people together and we have that figured out. As an industry leading manufacture for more than 20 years, we produce high quality products offering efficient ways to cook for almost any outdoor gathering. From social functions to campouts or even dinner on the back patio, we can do it all. 
Our company was established on the idea that there just had to be a better way to cook outdoors. We recognized many campers and sportsman had an interest in outdoor cooking but were struggling with what cooking equipment was available to them. That is when we designed a stove that would meet the needs of the avid outdoorsman. 
That simple stove design later became our versatile cooking system on the market by incorporating accessories to simplify and diversify any outdoor menu. BBQ boxes, flattop griddles, and pizza ovens now give users the ability to grill, griddle, bake, boil, brew fry, stream, and even cook Dutch oven. 
After being in the campsite for nearly 10 years, we began producing quality cast iron cookware with its signature True-Seasoned Finish. Another 10 years later we addressed the demand for a versatile outdoor cooking system at home. Today there are several stoves, smokers, fire pits and more, designed specifically with the home and patio in mind. However, the roots of the company are in the great outdoors, continuing to give people the opportunity to experience nature without sacrificing a hearty meal. 
Each product is a result of our dedication to outdoor cooking and its pledge to improve and create new products that fulfill the needs of its highly valued customers. 
 Our Services 
· High Quality, quality raw materials and experiences 
· More than 20 years Experience in bbq grill deep- processing Market 
· Rigorous work, Professional  team 
· Best after- service  
· Customer first, to solve and help our clients, let's grow together! 
Company Information 
Our company is a leading manufacturer specialized in providing BBQ accessories, BBQ grills and Cast iron cookware products in China. Great tasting food will always bring people together and enjoy the life,make memories with the people you love,experience the beauty of nature.For this purpose we specialize in manufacturing cast-iron cookware and BBQ products, return you a healthy life, the high quality products with reasonable price and offering efficient ways to cook for almost any outdoor gathering. From social functions to camping or even dinner on the back patio, we can do it all. 
As an industry leading manufacture for more than 20 years, we had become one of the largest and most professional manufacturers of BBQ accessories and cast iron cookwares products,  with 300000 square meter dust-free workshop's property & advanced facility like Laser Cutting Machine,  or etc. Now we own 15 Senior Engineers for BBQ Developing, 10 experienced QA, and over 20 sales & Graphic Designer team to serve our customer.  We keeps focusing on customized product solutions for customer & partner to ensure the branded / private label product offerings are relevant and competitive for each market on a global level.With advanced equipment, high technology, experienced workers and the perfect organization, we have developed a lot of products. Our main products include: BBQ accessories,BBQ grill,Cast Iron skillet,Non-stick Wok,Cookware sets,Grill Pans, Griddles,Super light Casserole, Super light Fry Pan, and Ceramic kamado grill. Various specifications are available. With excellent quality, reasonable price, wonder designs, comfortable grip and durability, our products sell well all over the world.

Insisting on the principle of "quality best & reputation first", we have won a good reputation from many customers because of our advantage of reliability, high quality and excellent service.

Focus on quality improvement, reasonable price, prompt delivery and perfect after-sale service. We are looking forward to becoming your business partner and expand our cast iron cookware products. Let's work together for more brilliant prospects. 
Q1: Are you a factory or trading company?  
A: We have our own factory, using "self-produced self marketing" business model, reducing the cost of  intermediate links 
Q2: How can I get some samples?  
A: We are honored to offer you samples.  
Q3: How does your factory do regarding quality control?  
A:Quality is priority. JQ people always attach great importance to quality controlling from the very beginning to the very end.   
Warmly welcome to visit us!  
Q4: If I need different measurements or weight, could you offer OEM service? 
A: Sure, we can provide OEM service, also we can make new mould for your product, attaching your name brand. 
Griddle Care & Maintenance
Most of our Griddles come with a True-Seasoned Finish, which will appear as a black finish. This True-Seasoned finish will protect your griddle as well as help to provide a nonstick finish.
Pre-Heating Instructions
Proper pre-heating will get the best performance out of your griddle. Adjust your heat to Medium or Med-Low heat setting for approximately 5 minutes. This should produce a griddle surface temperature of 350°-400° F. Now turn heat to med-low to low for 2-3 minutes for uniform heat. You are ready to cook.
Temperature Management
Manage heat from low to medium to maintain desired heat for the cooking conditions. Consider what the weather conditions are like. Cold and windy? You'll need more heat. What's being cooked and how much of it? Considering these elements will help you cook better and get the most of out your griddle.
Cleaning & Storage
After each use allow cookware to cool completely. Wash with hot water and/or mild dish washing liquid (never use abrasive detergent). Rinse and dry thoroughly. Never scour or use a dishwasher. You may wish to use a plastic scrubber or plastic pan scrapper to remove stubborn food particles.
Slowly warm steel griddle or pan on burner. Lubricate cookware with a thin coating of Camp Chef Conditioner or olive oil. Be certain that the entire surface, including all corners, have been coated thoroughly. This will help maintain the seasoning on your cookware. This seasoning protects the steel from rust as well as providing a durable coating that helps non-stick properties. After cookware cools, wipe off excess oil/conditioner with a clean cloth.
Store in a dry, clean area. Be sure to properly clean griddle before storing. When storing in a carry bag, leave the zipper open 2-4 inches so the metal won't sweat.
Tips for Best Use
*Cook with even heat if using an accessory that covers two burners. If cooking on low, be sure that all burners are on low, etc.
*When managing the temperature of the griddle, it will heat quickly and cool down slowly.
*Adjust heat up slowly. This provides more control and even heating of the griddle. Keep all burners at the same output setting for even cooking and to avoid warping.
*Use an infrared thermometer or griddle surface thermometer to help manage your griddle temps.
*Lightly oil the griddle before each use while it is heating up.
*After cooking - clean any food particles from the griddle while it is still warm and apply a light coat of conditioner or cooking oil. This will help prevent rust and protects the natural seasoning of the griddle.
*Steel, our True-Seasoned cookware will continue to antique and darken with use providing a durable coating that helps minimize sticking.
*Rust, metallic taste or discolored foods are signs of improper or inadequate seasoning or may result from cooking heavily acidic foods. If this occurs, wash thoroughly and re-season.
Cast Iron Care & Maintenance
Some folks are a little hesitant to use cast iron because they're worried about how to clean it and care for it. Hesitate no more. This information will help answer all of your question and guide you through proper care and maintenance to help your Dutch ovens, pots, skillets, griddles and more last a lifetime.
Prepping Cast Iron for Seasoning
Some cast iron cookware brands come with a wax coating, which protects the product during transport between the manufacturer and you. This coat helps minimize rusting. Being metal, cast iron is susceptible to rust if not properly cared for. Our cast iron comes with a True Seasoned ready-to-cook finish which provides that initial protection against rust and means no preseasoning necessary on your end.
If your iron is not seasoned, do the following. Place your cast iron upside down on your outdoor cooker, in a barbecue or in your home oven. If using an oven, use a cookie sheet under your cast iron to catch any wax drippings. Set your heat source to medium heat to melt off wax coating. When burning off the wax on your cookware, the wax will smoke. This step is best done outside to avoid excess smoke in the kitchen. When smoking stops, your cast iron is ready for seasoning. Remove from heat source and let cool. Wash and dry thoroughly with hot water to eliminate any deposits.
Seasoning Technique
Liberally apply Camp Chef Cast Iron Conitioner to a clean cloth rag
Coat all surfaces of the cast iron with conditioner
Place in heat source upside down and heat to between 400° and 450° F in oven or on medium setting of a low pressure Camp Chef burner
As the cast iron begins to smoke, remove carefully from heat (be sure to wear protective clothing at all times while working with hot cast iron)
Your cast iron cookware is now ready for use. Let cool, then store for next use. After each use, apply a small amount of Cast Iron Conditioner, about a dime's diameter worth, and thinly coat all surfaces of the cast iron. Over time, this will make your cast iron black, creating a finish called a "patina." This patina will enhance your cast iron by creating a glasslike finish, which also provides a nonstick surface.
How to Clean Your Cast Iron
We want people to feel comfortable about using cast iron; that goes from cleaning, to heat management, to seasoning and caring for your cast iron. Proper use and care will ensure a long life for your cast iron.
Many have asked about 'the right way to clean your cast iron'.  While there are several ways, Cast Iron Cleaner and Cast Iron Conditioner. These two are designed to be used together for best results.
Our Cast Iron Cleaner cleans using natural oils. This special blend of oils and cleaning agents breakdown sugars and other food particles. The natural oils will not damage the finish of your cast iron cookware, it's safe to use on all seasoned and enamel pieces.
Instructions for Cast Iron Cleaner:
Use a pan scraper to remove excess food from cast iron.
Put apporoximately 2 teaspoons of Cast Iron Cleaner in with a small amount of clean warm water into the pan and rub with a plastic brush or clean rag. If dealing with stubborn or hardened food, let the pan sit with warm water and cleaner for about 10 minutes, then scrub. This cleaner does an excellent job of releasing even the toughest gunk.
Rinse the cast iron with clean water.
Wipe the cast iron dry with a clean dry rag
Apply a light coating of Cast Iron Conditioner, warm cast iron back up and let cool.
After each use, re-applying a small amount of Cast Iron Conditioner on all surfaces of cast iron, this will help continue to build your patina.
Some people feel comfortable just using hot water to clean their cast iron. Here's how:
Remove all food particles from cast iron cookware using a Dutch oven scraper or a plastic pan scraper.
Fill pot half full of hot water; allow to sit for a period of time. If you have burnt food in it, it may require the water to be boiled to help loosen the food.
With a stiff bristled long handled brush, scrub the remaining food residue away and off of the iron. Rinse thoroughly, pat dry with a towel. If the finish looks healthy or black and shiny, you can store your oven. If it is dull, gray or marble looking you may have to touch it up with a little Cast Iron Conditioner to apply a healthy coat of seasoning.
Have Rusty Cast Iron?
Though there are many methods for cleaning rusty ovens, the one that we have found to be the easiest to use is a can of cola. If the inside is rusty, pour the cola in and let it do its job. Depending on how rusty the oven is will depend on how long you will need to leave the cola on the rusty spot. If you have an issue with the outside of an oven, use a sponge to apply the cola, or place the cast iron in a large bowl or bucket with enough cola to dissolve the rust (some rotating may be necessary). After rust is removed be sure to wash and re-season your cast iron by following the steps provided above.

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