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2021-12-23 07:58:43 By : Ms. Karen Xiang

The Weber Master Touch Premium E-5775 is a fantastic choice if you're serious about BBQs and want to cook on charcoal

Overall the Weber Master Touch Premium E-5775 is an attractive, large, versatile 3-in-1 charcoal BBQ capable of roasting, smoking and searing foods. If you're serious about BBQs and need large cooking capacity, this is a great choice from a premium brand.

Price point is not cheap

Likely feature overkill for some users

By James Rivington published 8 December 21

The Weber Master Touch Premium E-5775 is a 57cm barbecue that offers more than your average summer grill. Its 3-in-1 capabilities mean it’s not only a classic BBQ grill, it’s also a super competent smoker, great for roasting and will even sear a steak with its included sear grate.

It’s not cheap, of course, and it’s not small either - this is a device that’s ideal for family summer barbecues and particularly for anyone who wants to be grilling with regularity and variety. For anyone wanting something a bit more part time, or for less frequent small cook outs, you might be better off with something a bit smaller.

Can it make it into T3's best barbecue buying guide, though? Let's find out.

The Master Touch Premium features a quality hinge.

Available direct from Weber and from assorted retailers online, the E-5775 will set you back around about £415. So yeah, the ‘Premium’ in the name is about more than just features. It’s great value though if you’re an experienced grill enthusiast with every intention to use all of the various cooking features this thing has to offer. And particularly if you want to be using the best of the best when you have your guests over.

There's plenty of room to grill foods, no matter your preference.

This barbecue is absolutely packed full of features and functionality, and comes sporting Weber’s famous outstanding buld quality and a 10 year warranty.

As you’d expect from this brand, the barbecue looks absolutely stunning and the various components are weighty and well made. The spring-loaded hinge on the back makes opening and closing a dream, particularly as it eliminates the need to do something with the lid while it’s open. No more hooking it onto the back of the grill or, if you’re me, lifting it awkwardly back and forth off the grass.

The diffuser plate effectively puts a shield between you and your smoking meat, allowing it to cook super slow and develop new flavours over time.

The lid can also easily be removed completely if you have no need for it and that’ll give you better access as well as allowing you to do funky things like use a rotisserie (not included).

The stainless steel cooking grates are surprisingly heavy actually. That speaks a lot for the high quality materials on show here. The middle pops out and if you like you can swap in a cast iron sear grate. This is absolutely perfect if you need to put a sear on some meat or veg before you finish off on the surrounding grill.

This barbecue is big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is.

For indirect cooking, you also get two charcoal briquette holders which allow you to position your fuel off to the side. This is allows you to place, say, a chicken in the centre of your grill where it won’t be subjected to the intense direct heat from below, and thus will roast slowly to perfection.

You also get a porcelain-enamelled char-ring. This can be used by placing it at the bottom of the barbecue, placing the fuel inside it and then the included diffuser plate goes on top of it. The purpose of this is to burn the fuel low and slow and to shield your food from the coals, so you can smoke meats such as brisket for much longer at a much lower temperature.

The included fuel holders allow you to position your coals off to the side so you can more easily roast your food away from the intense direct heat of the coals.

To finish this all off, you also have a classic Weber badge-come-thermometer to help you maintain the perfect amount of heat, while new P-shaped vents underneath allow you to tweak your temps by regulating the amount of oxygen that gets to your fuel.

Ash can easily be removed using the removable, high capacity catcher - simply unhook using the handle and carry to wherever you want to dispose of your ash.

The classic Weber temperature gauge looks class. 

We found the Weber Master Touch Premium E-5775 to be a fantastic barbecue. It looks stunning and feels solid and high quality. It’s ideal for experienced or regular barbecuers who want to make the most of its many features. However if you’re not going to sear, smoke or roast with this thing, our advice is to get something smaller and cheaper. This will also help you burn less fuel because the size of this barbecue means it’s easy to go through a lot quite quickly. You also need space to store not only the grill itself but also all the accessories - when you’re not using the char-rings, diffuser plate, sear grates etc, you’ll need somewhere to put them so a garden shed is highly recommended.

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