Best Gas Grills Under $500 for Outdoor Cooking, According to Reviews | Southern Living

2021-12-23 08:07:16 By : Ms. Wendy Lee

When it comes to cooking outdoors, a gas grill is the way to go for most people. Unlike charcoal grills, which can take a long time to heat up and often have unpredictable cooking times, gas grills, which use propane or natural gas, are going to heat your food quickly and evenly—every time. And much like your oven, gas grills are operated by knobs that let you adjust the temperature of their individual burners in an instant. They're also designed to spread heat evenly across their grates, so you can utilize every square inch of your cooking surface. Cooking for the whole family, or a big group of friends? It's a snap with a spacious gas grill.

Gas grills are easy to operate and dependable, but they can also run well into the thousands of dollars. That's why we've rounded up 12 of the best gas grills under $500 that you can buy online—some are even under $200. We sifted through reviews from real shoppers at Amazon, Walmart, Target, and more popular retailers who have bought and used affordable gas grills themselves, and these are the ones they love the most, from a flat top gas grill and a gas grill for camping to a gas and coal combination grill (for a bit of that smoky flavor).

These are the best gas grills under $500 you can buy right now:

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Getting a quality four-burner gas grill for under $200 isn't common, but this Char-Broil propane grill provides a large amount of cooking space—405 square inches!—at a great value. It has porcelain-coated grates that are naturally stick-resistant and two wide shelves on either side. A Target customer noted that the grill is easy to assemble and produces great food.

Weber is a renowned grilling brand, and the Weber Spirit II is one of its most popular designs. This two-burner propane model with a built-in lid thermometer is perfect for someone without a lot of outdoor space, as the open cart design allows for extra storage. It has 1,800 five-star ratings at Amazon, and in their reviews, customers praise the quality of the "small, but powerful" grill.

Not only is the exterior of this gas grill made of durable stainless steel, but its four burners are, too. Additionally, the grilling grates are porcelain-coated cast iron, which are resistant to rusting over time. Customers say it's an overall sturdy design and a powerful grill for only $300; in their five-star reviews, many raved about how it quickly heats up, cooks evenly, and cleans easily. 

This restaurant-grade grill has a four-burner griddle, 720 square inches of cooking space, and plenty of prep and storage space—perfect for grilling for large groups. "My husband and I agree that this is one of the best purchases we've ever made. This makes the best food and is easy to clean," said one of the thousands of five-star reviewers on Amazon. "We've cooked everything from a steak dinner for two to breakfast for seven on it, and every time we love the results."

This Char-Broil grill's infrared technology helps the grates maintain an even temperature and thus produce tastier food. With three burners, it offers plenty of cooking space, and it has two side shelves for grill prep. People who left five-star reviews for the Amazon's Choice for Char-Broil propane grills praised how easy it was to use. "I'm sold on infrared technology and it definitely allows better grilling control and cleanup is a snap," said one customer.

This portable little grill packs a punch and is ready to hit the campgrounds with you. It has one burner that powers 189 square inches of cooking space—that's still enough space to grill four steaks at once, as one customer review photo proved. The Weber Q1200 has nearly 4,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, and while it's easy to bring from place to place, customers note that it's also the "perfect size for everyday grilling" in small backyards and patios. Choose from six colors.

Looking to feed a lot of people all at once? This propane gas grill by Cuisinart has five regular burners as well as an additional side burner to provide a total of 460 square inches of grilling space over cast iron grates, plus a 202-square-inch warming rack. The side tables offer plenty of prep and storage space. If you've got the yard space, this is the grill to get.

Why choose between a flat top and a grill grate when you can have both? This griddle and grill combo has four burners that heat up 584 square inches of grilling space, and the legs can be folded down for easier use on camping trips. "I love this grill. We have used it a couple of times so far and you can easily grill your food on one side and griddle your veggies on the other side," said one of the nearly 500 five-star reviewers at Wayfair.

With four main burners under porcelain-coated cast iron grates and one side burner under stainless steel, you get both space and variety with this Nexgrill propane gas grill. The nearly 1,500 five-star ratings show that The Home Depot customers are pleased with the grill's simple-to-use propane tank attachment and how quickly and evenly it heats. "Great grill. Easy to assemble and at an amazing price," said one happy customer.

Besides propane, the other common way to power a gas grill is via a natural gas line hooked up to your home. This Dyna-Glo natural gas grill one comes with a 10-foot hose to attach to your gas line. The compact two-burner grill itself doesn't take up much room, yet still offers 445 square inches of total cooking space. And when you need a prep area, it has two folding side tables.

This striking-looking grill can operate on propane or natural gas depending on your needs. It comes with four regular burners plus a side burner, all of which heat enough cooking space to grill for 10 or more people at once. One of its best features, according to customers, is the viewing window that lets you check on your food without opening the top and letting all the heat out.

Although cooking with coal doesn't have the precision or ease of cooking with gas, it does have a unique flavor that's tough to capture with gas alone—and that's where this Char-Broil combo grill comes in. It converts from gas to charcoal in just three steps, so you can switch back and forth based on what you're cooking or the flavor you're craving. Customers love the variety they get in a single appliance, as well as the space it provides: 530 square inches of cooking space, plus a 180-square-inch warming rack.