Solecraft Footwear Launches Sweat-Resistant Charcoal Shoes 

2022-08-22 02:06:06 By : Mr. Michael Ma

Solecraft is a homegrown sustainable footwear brand that recently launched the first-ever sweat-resistant charcoal shoes. These shoes are environmentally friendly and use only natural materials in their construction. Made with the best Japanese bamboo charcoal, premium Australian Merino wool, and plant-based recycled coffee grounds oil, this product was designed in ‘Milan’ and created in India.

Solecraft offers sustainable, incredibly comfortable, and stylish shoes, made from the finest natural materials the world has to offer. It is the first startup in the world to employ charcoal in shoes that are best for absorbing perspiration. The top technical organization for footwear accreditation, ‘SATRA’, has recognized the outsoles of Solecraft shoes. Its products wool joggers and runners can be worn for a variety of activities in daily life, such as running, working out, hiking, office, and casual wear that you can wear all day, in addition to being appropriate for all seasons.

Solecraft shoes are unisex, which makes them fun and gender inclusive. Its range of products includes bamboo grass loafers, wool charcoal loafers, wool charcoal joggers, and wool charcoal runners. These shoes are available in exciting colors that can be easily added to your everyday essentials as they are washable too. You can wear these without socks as well because the premium natural fabric makes them odor resistant.

When you buy Solecraft shoes, you are returning back to nature, as even the packaging is 100 percent eco-friendly. Shoes that are your and nature’s friend. You can also place bulk orders from their website as it is a perfect gift for your loved ones. And what makes it special is that it comes with an 8-day try and return policy, with a full refund, so customer satisfaction is never compromised.

Atul Mehta and Divya Mehta, the Co-founders of Solecraft, were motivated to design shoes for their father, an athlete who struggled to find the correct footwear and experienced foot pain. In discussing the same, they shared, "Solecraft is for everyone and covers all the prospects of daily life. It was created after extensive research to ensure that no one needs to experience pain as a result of uncomfortable shoes."  

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